About Us


 Life Challenges

Life presents many challenges that can be extremely hard. You may be feeling unmotivated, troubled, and even tormented. As you look for a way out, you find that you also feel lost, lonely, and confused. Is there help? Is there hope? Yes, there is!

If you are feeling "out of control;" If you struggle with anxiety; If you have marriage or family turmoil; If you battle with an addiction; If you are dealing with fear about facing you past, present, or future…We encourage you to consider contacting us and seek help from a Christian perspective from an experienced counselor or pastor.


Christian Counseling

We are a Christian Counseling Center that offers experienced, caring, and committed Christian Counseling that can help connect your life’s challenges with the restoring love and power found in Jesus Christ. Although we do not force our clients to follow a religion or to believe in a faith, we do offer spiritual, emotional, and relational health that is centered upon faith in the good news of Jesus. We also believe that the Bible provides answers to our most difficult questions and solutions to our most perplexing problems. Our counselors are equipped to walk with you through step by step through a counseling process at no required cost to you. We only encourage our clients who receive our care and counseling to consider giving a donation of any amount.



Heart To Heart Care & Counseling is a ministry of Christ Family Church. We have a deep conviction to see marriages, families, and individuals in our Miami community and beyond to be restored, healed, and transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.





As a Christian counseling ministry, the primary purpose for our center is to truly care for hurting people. We believe that because God loves us immeasurably, we are called and compelled to be instruments of His love, especially toward people that are in need of counseling and care. As Christian counselors, we approach counseling in a way that addresses a person's heart, mind, soul, and will. In other words, our counseling builds a person up, not just on a surface level, but in a way that encourages that person through and through. As Christian counselors, we are also biblical counselors, because we believe that the Bible is not just a book, but it is the living and active word of God that speaks to every aspect and area of our lives. This does not mean that as Christian counselors we shy away from using tools and exercises from secular psychology toward our counseling methods. On the contrary! We invite, embrace, and even study all methods of counseling within God's created world that will ultimately serve a person in need of counseling. Therefore, our counseling center will always care for people in deep, effective, and relevant ways. Ultimately, as Christian counselors, our desire is to lead people to a place of hope and we believe that true freedom and eternal hope is found through faith in Jesus Christ.


No. You do not have to attend Christ Family Church to receive counseling. We are available to serve all people of Miami and beyond. We want to provide hope and healing for all families in our community regardless of church affiliation or non-church attendance.


A typical counseling session will last from 50 minutes to 90 minutes.


We desire everyone in need of spiritual and emotional care to receive counseling regardless of their current economic situation. Therefore, we provide Christian counseling at  no required cost.  We simply encourage our clients receiving ministry to  consider giving an affordable donation  of any amount.